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About the Author

Barbara Frandsen grew up in the desert of West Texas. Her earliest experience with death occurred at age 7 when her mother was diagnosed with stage four, inoperable, incurable cancer. Later, as a young mother, Barbara spent many weekends helping her father face cancer as he processed his earlier decisions. Although other losses followed, few life experiences affected Barbara more than a year she and her husband, Chris spent as co-caregivers to their terminally ill son-in-law.

Ultimately, a diagnosis of her own son’s cancer raised intense levels of soul- searching. Thankfully, her son became a cancer survivor who now embraces life with gusto and appreciation. Each experience provoked questions and even doubts; each one also prompted spiritual growth.

Barbara spent most of her life as an educator. Following work with children and teens, she became a teachers’ teacher at a small urban university where she spent 33 years working with pre-service teachers. From her teenage years, Barbara followed her goal to serve. To this end, she shares this book.

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