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From The Publisher – Douglas R. Brown

This is a very well written book written by Mrs. Frandsen about preparing for the eventual outcome in life – death. Mrs. Frandsen is a multiple published book author, has had a long career in education and numerous accolades. Please take a few minutes to read her ten page curriculum vitae.  The book starts with her personal tragedy at a young age. The book is a much needed guide on how to prepare legally and emotionally for both you and the ones you love. This is not a dry legal guide on the subject, the book is for the lay person. This book is an incredible resource for anyone who is preparing for the inevitable. As a son and son in law that has recently gone through this  I  had little to no idea of how to navigate both the progression of first my mother and then mother in law’s deaths, this book would have been an invaluable road map. The book addresses all aspects pertaining to the often gradual and painful march towards the end. This includes not simply getting your financial affairs in order, it addresses how to navigate illness, getting loved ones wishes and desires for end of life, as well as valuable information on navigating the medical system. This book really guides one through so many important aspects of the preparation for the end of life. It is wonderfully accessible, not at all preachy, non-religious, with humor and critically  important advise. Readers will be so grateful for the wisdom and truly relevant suggestions.


I thought I was fairly prepared as I handled  my mother and mother in law’s estates, with wills, medical directives, trusts and all the signed documents in place. However,  there is so much more  to do if one wants to guide and help family and family members as we diminish. For younger family members it is also helpful especially if they have parents who have done little preparation. There were so many things in this book that I never thought to think about with respect to my own future demise. Not just about my own wishes but about what I want to leave behind (beyond possessions) for my family and legacy.  Some of the book is a to-do list, but it's filled with personal stories and narratives to help the reader think about what's important in their lives and how to approach their own death. It helped me to stop acting like I'm not going to die and to ensure the that I take easy steps to make my eventual demise easier for me and for my loved ones.


The author has injected personal stories, humor and empathy throughout, making it a positive and enlightening experience to read this book instead of dreary and dull. There are so many critically important lessons and tips that can be applied at any stage of life when dealing with medical care and interpersonal relationships with doctors, nurses, caregivers, patients, and loved ones. I would encourage all to read this guide and not just those facing illness or death. This book is a must! If you're a financial planner or advisor, you are bound to have these conversations with your clients. This book will help you deliver better counsel to your clients, and more importantly, do it with more empathy and understanding.  


Mrs. Frandsen is a professional writer with all sources cited and an extensive bibliography. This book should do well in the library marketplace, online, in stores and special markets such as hospice homes, funeral facilities, estate planers and attorneys, financial planners & advisors,  etc.  The book could be customized with the organizations name on the cover and sold in bulk for promotional purposes. I highly recommend this book for anyone who doesn’t want to be stuck saying ‘if only we had known this".  

– Sincerely – Douglas R. Brown

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